The Graduate Program in Neurology/Neuroscience meets the standards set by the Graduate Education Commission (CEPG) according to the Rules of the Board of Graduate Studies and Research (CPGPq) of UNIFESP-EPM.

The program admits students who graduated in Medicine or with a Bachelor's degree in other areas who aim to improve Neurology, Neurosurgery or Neuroscience research with the support of related Sciences. 

The admission of applicants may occur throughout the year, but mainly in the beginning of each semester, through  selection process.

To be admitted in the Master's and Doctorate degree programs, applicants must:

a. Have their admission accepted by a program-accredited supervisor, who will assess the résumé, academic transcript (undergraduate and graduate) and Master's dissertation, for Doctorate degrees;

b. Complete a practical internship, at the supervisor's discretion;

c. Submit evidence that their Master's thesis was accepted for publication in an Indexed journal, Scielo at least, for Doctorate degrees;

d. Pass a theoretical test, at the supervisor's discretion. 

e. Submit one of the following certificates:

- Completion of medical residency in Clinical Neurology, Neuropediatry, Neurosurgery or related fields recognized by the respective class associations;

- Have a Bachelor’s degree recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture.


*Foreign applicants must submit certificates equivalent to those mentioned in item "e," recognized by official agencies of the country of origin and authenticated by the Brazilian consular authority in the respective country. 


Scholarships are available in limited numbers and are usually insufficient given the demand. Thus, the criteria used for granting them is the student's rank in the theoretical test on basic neurophysiology.

Applicants should initially contact a supervisor in the research area of ​​their interest.




Foreigners interested in joining this graduate program should initially contact a supervisor of interest to check whether they’re accepting new students. Should the applicant require a scholarship for their stay in Brazil and is unable to attend the selective tests for scholarships, they must be subjected to a remote assessment performed by the supervisor. This assessment will include the following steps:

1. Analysis of the following documents:

- Copy of the passport with number, validity and photo;

- Copy of undergraduate certificate and master's degree certificate (for doctorate degrees);

- Copy of undergraduate and master's (for doctorate degrees) transcript;

- Two letters of recommendation, preferably from university professors or others with recognized experience;

- Curriculum vitae;

- Text in Portuguese or English describing:

a. Their academic interests and expectations; professional expectations and perspectives for when they return to their country of origin;

b. Previous experience in research.

2. Online interview (by Skype, video conferencing) with the potential supervisor.


If accepted, the applicant will be able to enroll in the program, in accordance with the rules of the Graduate and Research Program Dean's Office of UNIFESP, with the submission of additional documents. Scholarships will be granted only if available. 


Enrollments are accepted throughout the year.

To enroll, applicants must:

  • Have their application accepted by a supervisor registered in the program;
  • Submit the required certificates for the Master's or Doctorate degree according to the current law (see 'Admission');
  • Submit the required forms according to the current laws;
  • Have a defined research project.
  • Submit the research project approval by the Research Ethics Committee (CEP) or evidence that the project was submitted to the Committee. In the latter case, applicants must submit the evidence of approval within 30 days.

*To submit the project to the Research Ethics Committee (CEP) of UNIFESP, visit the link: 


Programa de Pós-Graduação em Neurologia/ Neurociências

Rua Napoleão de Barros, 626

E-mail: ppgneurologia@unifesp.br / ppgneuro.unifesp@gmail.com