Graduate student activities



Students may enter the program in order to obtain a Master's or Doctorate degree in Science. 



Master's degree: 24 months.

Doctorate degree: 48 months.



During this period, students must obtain 25 credits for the Master's program and 40 credits for the Doctorate program. 

The credits are obtained based on participation in courses and activities developed in the program (15 hours/class, activity count as 1 credit), according to CEPG and CPG rules.

 According to the Neurology/Neuroscience Program rules, the credits will be assigned as follows:

  • Disciplines offered by the Graduate Program;
  • Disciplines offered in related area Programs at UNIFESP;
  • Graduate disciplines or courses offered by other universities or institutions of excellence in the area;
  • Participation in relevant Congresses in the student's learning area, with presentation of academic work in which the student is the main author (1 credit for each event, maximum of 3 credits total);
  • Activities of mentoring or monitoring of undergraduate students, provided that they are scheduled by the Department or responsible for the course or discipline;
  • Activities in outpatient clinics related to the student's research activities (01 credit per year);
  • Participation in internships, training or specialization courses previously authorized by the Graduate Education Commission which, according to their syllabus, are related to the interested student's research activities;
  • Other activities that the Graduate Education Commission may consider relevant and pertinent to their specificities and that contribute to the student's education.


* Students who fail a discipline will be permitted to redo it once. Students who fail the same discipline for a second time will be automatically eliminated from the Graduate Program in Neurology/ Neuroscience. 

** Students must have prior authorization from their supervisors to attend disciplines not included in the Graduate Program in Neurology/ Neuroscience; the credits for such disciplines will be validated also by the supervisor.

*** Credits can be obtained in disciplines attended in other higher education institutions, limited to 30% (thirty percent), and provided that they’re approved by the Supervisor.



The activities and courses will be defined jointly by supervisor and student.

Students enrolled in this Graduate Program must develop the following activities:

  • Research project with the preparation of a thesis or dissertation;
  • Teaching training;
  • Participation in graduate courses (disciplines), meetings and seminars;
  • Required courses:
  • Master's program: Dissertation preparation. 
  • Doctorate program: pass the qualification test, thesis document and successful thesis presentation and public defense.
  • Scientific article with the thesis results, which should be submitted to indexed journals in Scielo, for Master's programs, and ISI, for Doctorate programs. Students must be listed as the main authors and their Supervisors should be included as one of the co-authors.


Proficiency in English

All students must have successfully completed the English proficiency test applied by Cultura Inglesa (Vila Mariana Branch).



Programa de Pós-Graduação em Neurologia/ Neurociências

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E-mail: ppgneurologia@unifesp.br / ppgneuro.unifesp@gmail.com